Tasker Task: Get Address

Tasker is an extremely useful app for Android that allows you to automate your phone. However it doesn’t always give information in the most human friendly ways. Location is one example where Tasker’s information isn’t human friendly.

By default it uses latitude and longitude which isn’t ideal for most people to give an idea where you are. Luckily since Tasker is such a versatile piece of software you can easily create tasks like this one which will turn information Tasker provides into something easy for humans to understand.

By  using Google Places API we can send information that Tasker can grab from the device like the latitude and longitude, and convert it into a properly formatted address, making it easy for you to read. Then using local variables and splitters we can take the XML file that the Places API provides and take out only the information we want, in this case the properly formatted address.

This is useful in cases where you are visiting and don’t know the address, or you’re out-of-town and need the address for where you are. There are plenty of other reasons you may want a readable location as well, such as sending a Signal Flare when your phone is shutting down letting you know where the phones last location was.

Human Readable Version of Tasker Task

Get Address (9)
A1: Get Location [ Source:GPS Timeout (Seconds):100 Continue Task Immediately:Off Keep Tracking:Off ]
A2: HTTP Get [ Server:Port:maps.googleapis.com Path:maps/api/geocode/xml Attributes:latlng=%LOC sensor=true Cookies: Timeout:10 Mime Type: Output File: ]
A3: Variable Set [ Name:%httpd To:%HTTPD Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
A4: Variable Split [ Name:%httpd Splitter:<formatted_address> Delete Base:Off ]
A5: Variable Split [ Name:%httpd2 Splitter: Delete Base:Off ]
A6: Variable Set [ Name:%ADDRESS To:%httpd21 Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]

Download Zipped XML File: Get Address Task

You don’t have to use Get Location if you don’t want to, or have other tasks/apps that grab the location regularly. I added it in to make sure the task always gives the most up to date GPS location for when the device has not gotten an updated location recently. If you don’t use Get Location it’ll try to convert the last location the device had to an address which may not always be 100% accurate.