Recent Site Changes

I’ve made some important updates to this site publishing pages that offer personal information about my life. There have been subsections added that provide access to an online version of my résumé. This résumé will be updated as necessary so that it as accurate as possible. Along with my résumé a contact form has been added to the site for a method of contact to anyone who found this site and for some reason do not wish to communicate via the social media options linked.

The current theme is only a place holder until such a time as I find one or code one that I feel suits the site for what I want better than the current one. I will be aiming for something that is a mix of both professional and personal so that it represents both the professional and non-professional sides of my life.  This will take time so until such a time as I feel any given theme of my site suits my needs it will change from time to time.

I have also released a very basic set of pages that give information about computer services that I offer in a freelance or consultant capacity for those local to the area I live.  It only provides a bit of information about my background with computers, including what operating systems I have more or less experience with, but this may change in the future. A prices page has also been uploaded that will give a general idea of the prices for services I provide to customers. The prices are variable and may change as necessary to cover costs of travel, extra parts, or other costs needed to complete the services required by the customer.

If you have any questions about any information, job offers,  or have a need for a computer technician to consult with or to offer repair services feel free to use the contact form provided to get a hold of me or the social media links provided.