Pebble Watch and Tasker

So for Christmas I received a Pebble Smartwatch, that allows me to interface with my phone in all sorts of unique ways such using Canvas to get information on the phone sent to the watch, or using PebbleTasker to trigger Tasker commands to manipulate things on the phone.

While I do find the features on PebbleTasker at the moment to be lacking, I find it’s a great app that can be manipulated in interesting ways to create simple (for now) interfaces that can allow the watch to manipulate things in a unique way.

One such example of this would be the Volume Control system I have on my watch. Currently it is set up so the top button turns the selected volume type (media,call,ringer,etc) up, the middle button changes the volume type, while the bottom button turns the volume down. What makes this interface unique is that each time you hit the button to change the volume type, it triggers a loop script which progresses it to the next type and then triggers the PebbleTasker control change, allowing Tasker to dictate based on variables what is shown on the watch. So far it lacks support for parsing variables (feature exists in the beta, but I have not as of yet been accepted into the beta group) meaning that I can’t as of yet efficiently pass data like current volume levels to the watch.

I’ve also created similar TaskerApp for my watch that allows me to use the network api for DirecTV receivers to change the channel, and use play/pause/replay/advance on another TaskerApp. I feel with the right type of dedication being put into PebbleTasker it could turn the Pebble Watch into a far more powerful interface for Tasker, and could function both as input/output for Tasker in a very unique way.