Project: Portable Wifi Security

So recently I acquired a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited (review here: Review: VPN Unlimited) which has made me consider ways to better access publicly available WiFi hot-spots that are everywhere these days. The obvious solution was to start using my new VPN provider to tunnel all traffic to their servers to prevent local nefarious from sniffing my data.

Of course all most of my personal devices have VPN support, however I started thinking about a better way I could do this since not all devices support VPNs and I m have one or two of those devices.

So for this project I have decided that I wanted a wireless router, that was portable, and had openwrt or dd-wrt support. By portable I was looking for something that was relatively small that could be added to my go bag without taking up a lot of significant space. I had been looking at various options such as routers that included batteries, or plugged directly into the wall. However I came across what appears to the perfect solution from a chinese company.

Gl-inet creates a router that was designed for DIYers in mind. Preloaded with a custom version of open-wrt they advertise it as a “smart” router and even provide “apps” for the device. The hardware was designed with UART cable support and GPIOs for someone who wants to tinker with the device or use it for other things.

Now one of the features I was really looking forward to with a portable router was that it would have a battery. The Gl-inet smart router is lacking in this point, however it is powered by USB. This means I could pick up one of those external battery packs and use it to run the device while I am on the go.

Both have been ordered and should arrive later this week. I may do another post as I go through the process of setting it up for what I want.