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Review: Overdrive

So even though I have owned an e-reader for a rather long time now (since the first generation nook). I have avoided using services like Overdrive mostly due to my ignorance. While I knew Overdrive existed I had assumed that my local library would not have any Overdrive offerings since it is one of those […]

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Project: Portable Wifi Security

So recently I acquired a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited (review here: Review: VPN Unlimited) which has made me consider ways to better access publicly available WiFi hot-spots that are everywhere these days. The obvious solution was to start using my new VPN provider to tunnel all traffic to their servers to prevent local nefarious from […]

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Review: VPN Unlimited

I recently acquired a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for about $39 dollars through the website So far the service has been enjoyable, the support has been quick and responsive. However at first look figuring out who is actually behind VPN Unlimited is rather confusing and hazy. When I started using the service on April […]

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Pebble Watch and Tasker

So for Christmas I received a Pebble Smartwatch, that allows me to interface with my phone in all sorts of unique ways such using Canvas to get information on the phone sent to the watch, or using PebbleTasker to trigger Tasker commands to manipulate things on the phone. While I do find the features on […]

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Tasker Task: Function: Say

Since I’ve been working on a personal assistant I want to have a single place to control all my Say actions. This way when I wanted to change the voice I only had to do it in a single place. However this created another problem as I started messing with multiple voices, if I wanted […]

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Tasker Task: AutoContacts: Emails & Numbers Type

These are modular tasks which can be called on using the Perform Task option in Tasker. They use Tasker’s ability to pass variables to a child task using %par1 and %par2 and of the Return function so the original task can retrieve the processed  information. João Dias’ Auto Contacts is a plugin for Tasker which let’s […]

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Recent Site Changes

I’ve made some important updates to this site publishing pages that offer personal information about my life. There have been subsections added that provide access to an online version of my résumé. This résumé will be updated as necessary so that it as accurate as possible. Along with my résumé a contact form has been […]

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Tasker Task: Get Address

Tasker is an extremely useful app for Android that allows you to automate your phone. However it doesn’t always give information in the most human friendly ways. Location is one example where Tasker’s information isn’t human friendly. By default it uses latitude and longitude which isn’t ideal for most people to give an idea where […]

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